I'm an Istanbul-born Stockholmer and a former Angeleños. I enjoy traveling to far away places and explore other ways of living, starting from the kitchen out. I believe technology can be a potent tool to improve human condition and genius of all kinds is evenly distributed across the planet.

Most recently, I've been helping build Volumental with an amazing group of people.

Prior to that I've been a robot whisperer at NASA, JPL building oddities like this one, or this one, tried to make every phone spatially aware, following a PhD in Robotics and Computer Vision. I'm excited about this little guy launching in 2020, for whom I was lucky enough to be present during its ideation. Stuff I contributed to went to space and is shipped with every Android phone out there. I find it fun that people use products I helped build every day, around the world. I try to remember to be grateful for all of these things I hardly deserve.